Our Ideology, here at Turtlefeet Company, is based on the fact that there is a serious environmental problem today as a result of the depletion of our natural resources. The increased pollution from waste and emissions continues to cause the destruction to our planet.

There is tons of plastic waste around us, both land and water. The sad truth is that plastics exist in different forms and, therefore, present in almost everything we use and consume. Our mother earth can quickly replenish itself if given a chance; however, plastics hinders that from happening, it’s our kryptonite.

It is, therefore, crucial for more people to bring about change and create further awareness.

The Turlefeet Company aspires to conserve the environment by fostering small changes in consumer behaviour, which has a direct impact on the way we utilise our resources and help reduce carbon footprint.

What's in the Name

The word “Turtle” in Turtefeet signifies sustainability and longevity. Since turtles are amphibious in nature, they are used to represent the sustainability of both land and water. All we have to do is take small steps towards the right direction to win the fight against the rapid degradation of our planet.

The “Feet” in Turtlefeet signifies taking the right path towards a greener and better future that leaves a green trail behind for the benefit of future generations.

Where it all Began

The journey began at the Gili Islands, where our entire perspective about the planet we lived in changed. But first, a brief introduction is due. My name is Fatema, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Turtefeet Company. My other Co-founders, Abbas and Mohsin, are equally passionate and involved in this initiative.

We one day went scuba diving in the ocean at Gili island, and to our surprise, we saw lots of plastic. Gili islands went from inhabitable to a tourist destination and then to garbage pit in a period of just a few years. First time in years did we realised how our actions have been destroying the earth.

The turning point for us was “Our Planet” show on Netflix. We understood the extent to which climate change had impacted our planet. Seeing the animals suffer as a result of our activities was a eye-opener that made us want to bring about a change.

I decided to quit my job and with the support of Abbas and Mohsin laid the foundation of Turtlefeet Company. We aspire to leave a green planet for our future generations and with your support we hope to achieve it.