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Ivy's Secret Garden

Discover tranquility in Dubai's urban hustle at Ivy’s Secret Garden. Nestled in Al Quoz, this green oasis seamlessly blends coffee culture with lush greenery. Beyond a plant shop, it hosts community-building workshops and embodies eco-friendly practices, creating a unique escape within the city. Join us to experience the perfect harmony of nature and urban living.

Location - Unit 14 - R450 - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 - Dubai

Stock available - Yoga mats, sunglasses, jewellery, clutches, bags watches & mugs/cups

Phone - 971558896982

The Workshop

The Workshop Dubai, founded by Ghada Kunash, is an interdisciplinary community space spotlighting emerging artists and sustainable designers. Fann À Porter features diverse contemporary artists, Vindemia offers upcycled antique furniture, the gift shop supports causes like women's empowerment, and the Interior Design Studio partners with Punica Italian Interiors. The Workshop fosters a dynamic workshop experience, including a café, and supports Dubai's arts scene through education and community projects.

Location - Villa 45 St. 23b - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 2 - Dubai

Stock available - Yoga mats, watches, sunglasses, home & more

Phone - 04 3412595

Handmayk(formerly Yarns Dubai)

Established in 2016, Handmayk revolutionized the yarn retail experience, evolving into a leading crafting hub with international recognition. Offering diverse crafts like embroidery and macramé, we prioritize quality and sustainability, curating eco-friendly products. Formerly Yarns Dubai, we rebranded in 2023, symbolizing a multi-faceted creative platform. Handmayk invites you to explore, create, and dream, celebrating diversity and innovation in the crafting world.

Location - Mashallah Warehouse Complex - WENASI Yarns, Warehouse 6 - Nadd Al Hamar - Dubai

Stock available - Sunglasses, watches clutches, Handbags, earrings , necklaces, home & more.

Phone - 04 2396945

Home & wellness

Discover Dubai's premier Wellness & Meditation Center, founded by Dina Abdulhadi. From holistic therapies to psychic readings, our expert practitioners guide you in mindfulness and well-being. Experience mental and physical detox, soul awakening, and confidence-building. Our space integrates mind, body, and soul for harmony and balance. Join us to explore self-discovery and unleash your infinite potential. Welcome to well-being at Home of Wellness.

Location - Home of Wellness Meditation Center, villa - 1069 Al Wasl Rd - Umm Suqeim 2 - Dubai

Stock available - Sunglasses, watches, handbag, clutches, bags, jewellery, home & more

Phone - 971544615414

Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Founded to break yoga stereotypes, Eco Yoga Sanctuary is a haven for all, promoting relaxation, peace, and belongingness. Transitioning from a government role to full-time owner, Asma Omar Obaid Majed Almajed Founder of Eco Yoga Sanctuary pursued extensive yoga and NLP training to guide individuals toward self-improvement. Actively engaged in community impact, we collaborate with organizations, plant seeds of awareness, and foster growth, inspiring a better version of ourselves. Join us on this transformative journey at Eco Yoga Sanctuary.

Location - Al Hudaiba Awards Building Block B Mezzanine 01&17 - Jumeirah St - Dubai

Stock available - Yoga mats, watches, sunglasses & jewelry

Phone - 971567711336

The Makers Society

Empowering woodworkers and craft lovers, we offer a fully equipped space with high-quality tools for projects of any complexity. Our Dubai-based store provides regular woodworking classes and sells hand tools and consumables. Led by a team of professional woodworkers, we're here to teach, support, and advise. Visit us to unleash your creativity!

Location - 59JJ+JW2 - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3 - Dubai

Stock available - Sunglasses, watches, home & more

Phone - 971529899271

Crimson Chambers

Founded in early 2019 by women, Crimson Chambers is a small business fostering well-being through yoga and dance. Despite the challenges of 2020, our Jumeirah Village Circle studio thrived, creating a diverse community. Now situated in the tranquil Sustainable City, we resonate with its values of inclusivity, environmental care, and community support. Our certified instructors bring a global perspective, offering unique classes that reflect their passion for yoga and dance. Join us in this sunlit, grounding space to enhance your well-being.

Location - Plaza - Al Qudra Rd - The Sustainable City - Dubai

Stock available - Yoga mats

Phone - 971564799333

Truth Yoga

At Truth, we're all about enhancing your wellness journey with innovation. Our classes strike a balance between flexibility, mobility, and strength, catering to your unique needs. Whether you prefer a slow-paced session, a medium-intensity workout, or an active challenge, we've got you covered. From serene Yin Yoga to dynamic handstands, our offerings span the wellness spectrum. Experience innovation at its best with warm yoga in heated rooms, vibration yoga, and red-light yoga. We also offer ladies-only and private classes for a personalized touch.

Location - Sunset Mall - UNIT S27, Second Floor - Jumeirah Beach Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone - 971586095907

Kulture House

Discover Kulture House in Jumeirah—a vibrant fusion of cultures and traditions. Co-owner Sheikha Jawahir Bint Butti Al Maktoum, an interior designer, transformed an 80s villa into a captivating space that feels like home. Each corner narrates global adventures through souvenirs, while carefully curated furniture reflects diverse cultures with Moroccan-inspired doors, mosaics, and materials from around the world.

Location - 106 Jumeirah St - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone - Villa 106, Jumeirah 113114,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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