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Discover tranquility in Dubai's urban hustle at Ivy’s Secret Garden. Nestled in Al Quoz, this green oasis seamlessly blends coffee culture with lush greenery. Beyond a plant shop, it hosts community-building workshops and embodies eco-friendly practices, creating a unique escape within the city. Join us to experience the perfect harmony of nature and urban living.


Explore Kulture House in Jumeirah—a lively blend of cultures. Co-owner Sheikha Jawahir Bint Butti Al Maktoum, an interior designer, converted an 80s villa into a captivating space resembling home. Each corner shares global adventures through souvenirs, and curated furniture mirrors diverse cultures with Moroccan-inspired doors, mosaics, and materials from around the world.


The Workshop Dubai, founded by Ghada Kunash, is a dynamic community space spotlighting emerging artists and sustainable designers. Fann À Porter showcases contemporary artists, Vindemia offers upcycled furniture, and the gift shop supports causes like women's empowerment. The Interior Design Studio partners with Punica Italian Interiors. This vibrant hub includes a café and actively supports Dubai's arts scene through education and community projects.


User Discover Dubai's premier Wellness & Meditation Center, founded by Dina Abdulhadi. From holistic therapies to psychic readings, our expert practitioners guide you in mindfulness and well-being. Experience mental and physical detox, soul awakening, and confidence-building. Our space integrates mind, body, and soul for harmony and balance. Join us to explore self-discovery and unleash your infinite potential. Welcome to well-being at Home of Wellness.

+971 54 461 5414

Empowering woodworkers and craft lovers, we offer a fully equipped space with high-quality tools for projects of any complexity. Our Dubai-based store provides regular woodworking classes and sells hand tools and consumables. Led by a team of professional woodworkers, we're here to teach, support, and advise. Visit us to unleash your creativity!


Founded to break yoga stereotypes, Eco Yoga Sanctuary is a haven for all, promoting relaxation, peace, and belongingness. Transitioning from a government role to full-time owner, Asma Omar Obaid Majed Almajed Founder of Eco Yoga Sanctuary pursued extensive yoga and NLP training to guide individuals toward self-improvement. Actively engaged in community impact, we collaborate with organizations, plant seeds of awareness, and foster growth, inspiring a better version of ourselves. Join us on this transformative journey at Eco Yoga Sanctuary.


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Palm Tree Diamond
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Blue Diamond
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Retro Bond- Blue
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Turtlesquare Clutch
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Beaded Chic Hoops - Dark
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Double Trouble
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Hanging Crescent
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Aqra - Oak
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Cork Laptop Sleeve
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Gold King
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Turtle Backpack
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Co Pilot
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White Marble
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Sun Blocker- Stony
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Marble Band
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Party Turtle Clutch
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Horse Saddle
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What Our Customers Are Saying

I loved the sunglasses that i bought from them. They are so unique and light. I love the brand and the concept. I wish them all the luck.

Maya Tanaka

These Turtlefeet Wooden Sunglasses are my new love! They're light, eco, and the brand sorts things out quick. Lovin' the vibe!

Jason Rodriguez

Quick delivery, no fuss, and the brand's got your back. I had some issues and they exchanged it no questions asked. Solid addition to my collection!


These shades have become my new favorites! I love that I can put them on top of my head without my hair getting caught in them.They come with a soft cloth for cleaning and a carrying bag to prevent scratches. They fit well without sliding off if I bend over and they dont feel heavy on the bridge of my nose. I have to say that they look better in person than in the photo and I'm really happy with my purchase.

Nelly Jones

These glasses are exactly what I was looking for and they exceeded my expectations! They are of amazing quality and I love that this brand makes them sustainably. This style is also on trend right now and makes my outfits look so much more elevated when I pair them with the sun glasses! I would definitely recommend purchasing these glasses :)

Rene Yun

Such a beautiful watch, the photos on here dont even do it justice. The seller is so nice and great with any questions or help you might need. For a watch of this price the quality is outstanding and I will definitely purchase again! :)) present for my Gramp and I cant wait to hand it to him in the beautiful box.

Ava Harris

Love these sunglasses - they look so stylish, are light, and have polarized lenses! I look bad in most sunglasses, but the way these are oversized and pointed at the ends make them very fashionable without the price tag of something like Burberry. They're a little big for my face but I do have a small face.

Olivia Miller

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