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Our Story

Our story

Est. 2019

“My family trip to Bali changed my life. Now, I'm determined to bring that change for everyone."

Our Nature

Dipping into the crystal-clear depths of Bali's turquoise waters in 2018, Fatema Presswala's anticipated scuba adventure morphed into a stark realization—the once vibrant corals were replaced by a heartbreaking sea of plastic.

Time For Change

The underwater encounter ignited a passion for environmental stewardship that deepened with the haunting images of global warming's effects on "Our Planet" in 2019.


This profound awakening prompted Fatema to make a courageous choice—she walked away from a comfortable six-figure job. Alongside her life partner, Abbas, TurtleFeet was born—a brand with a purpose, committed to making sustainability stylish.


Every piece in the TurtleFeet collection is more than a fashion accessory; it's a pledge to the planet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our products embody a dedication to sustainability that transcends trends.

Change In Mindset

From the mindful selection of materials to eco-conscious manufacturing processes, TurtleFeet is on a mission to minimize our ecological footprint. As you explore our range, you're not just selecting accessories; you're joining a movement.

Stronger Together

Step into TurtleFeet's world, where every fashion choice resonates with a commitment to a greener, more compassionate future. Together, let's redefine style with purpose and leave a lasting imprint on the path to positive change. Welcome to TurtleFeet, where each choice echoes in the waves of meaningful impact we collectively create.
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