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Keeping Nature Safe

Welcome to Turtlefeetc Company, where fashion seamlessly blends with sustainability. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is not just a choice; it's the essence of who we are.


Turtlefeet stands firm in the belief that strength and sustainability can coexist. Our range of wood veneers, including sandalwood, zebra wood, ebony wood, skatewood, burl wood, rosewood, and walnut wood, offers both durability and style. These materials not only provide a distinctive look but also contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Responsible sourcing practices ensure that each piece reflects our commitment to eco-conscious fashion.


At Turtlefeet, we embrace the innovation found in nature. Our choice of cork as a primary material goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies sustainability. Cork is not only renewable and biodegradable but also reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact. The unique harvesting process ensures sustainability and supports diverse ecosystems.


Beyond its sustainable growth, bamboo offers remarkable strength and durability. Its fibers are transformed into soft, breathable fabrics for clothing, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. The use of bamboo in our designs not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of Turtlefeetc products but also contributes to the reduction of our ecological footprint.

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